Blake Daniels Headshot

    He's one tall, cool, drink of water. At 6' 4" Blake Daniels is certainly towering over some fierce competition. With his blond hair, hazel eyes, smooth jock build and that delectable 7.5" fuck rod between his thighs, Blake has certainly been noticed.

    The 29, Daniels got his start when he was the stand in for a star who didn't show up to the set that day and fate placed the gorgeous stud on the screen before us and he's stayed there ever since. Now in his thirties, Blake Daniels has no intention of slowing down. He's appeared in numerous bareback films as well as "rubbered" he's performed with dozens of stars and even with his own, real life boyfriend, Blue Bailey. We love Blake Daniels not just because he's so damn hot but, because he is also so versatile. The stud can certainly hold his own when managing his mouth-watering slab of man meat and can take load after load from multiple tops.

    Blake Daniels is only becoming more popular as his career progresses and we cannot wait to see what he has in store for us next!