Thomas Fiaty Headshot
  • Alias: Tom Nuttall, David Chudera, Matze, Leon Fortin
  • Birthplace: Prague
  • Born: August, 1993 (Leo)
  • Height: 5 ft. 11 in.
  • Eye Color: Hazel
  • Hair: Brown

Thomas Fiaty's Porn Star Biography

Thomas Fiaty first began appearing in XXX movies in 2011. Born in the Czech Republic, it's not surprise that he began working with European studios such as Eurocream and Ikarus Entertainment. He soon made the leap to American production companies though, working with the likes of Staxus Productions, Vimpex (a twink studio), Raw Boys, William Higgins Productions, and many more. Fiaty has performed in more than 70 titles over the course of his career so far, many of them bareback. A versatile actor, he is happy to perform as both top and bottom.

Notable Films

If you've been lost in the woods or by aliens for the past few years, then you're probably not familiar with Thomas Fiaty. Otherwise, we simply don't understand! This adorable twink practically begs to be seen, his trim build and impish features luring you in from first glance. Here are a few of his must see movies; these should get you started on your journey to complete Fiaty adoration. First, you'll need to see some of his bareback action, so check out the following: "Bare Boy Boners" (Ikarus Entertainment), "Bare Huge Dicks 13" (Hammer), "Bareback Bar Boys" (Staxus Productions), and "Bareback Youth Squad" (Millivres Prowler Ltd). Fiaty performs as both top and bottom these movies - you'll have to watch to see him working it from both positions!