Connor Maguire Headshot
  • Alias: Conner Maguire

Connor Maguire Porn Star

There are more than just a few reason's to love Connor Maguire... in fact, there are hundreds, even thousands of reasons to love Connor Maguire. For example, we just cannot get enough of the 6' 2" self proclaimed "sexually greedy" stud. The fact that he is so greedy makes him an amazing performer.

Connor started his career at the age of 19 in 2011 and has been wowing his fans and making new ones every day since. He was brought up in the Cascade Mountain region of the Pacific North west with his hippie parents (perhaps explaining his openness to all sexuality) and later moved to Miami, Florida... And so, Connor Maguire took his first steps into stardom. For starters, he's got the look. Maguire's impressive height, naturally red hair (which is blonde at times), athletic physique and not to forget, that big juicy uncut cock. So physically he's a stud, but that isn't what makes Connor the star that he has become. He's intelligent, free thinking always eager to learn attitude is what stands out in his performances.

Continually expanding his repertoire keeps the audience on their toes, you won't be seeing Connor Maguire falling into the cookie cutter corner. We've watched him solo, with boys, with girls and his kinky side. Connor has a magic all his own and it's that spell that keeps his star shining brightly.