Dirk Caber Headshot
  • Birthplace: New York City
  • Height: 5 ft. 9 in.
  • Weight: 200 lbs.
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Hair: Brown

Dirk Caber Biography

Dirk is best known for being a sexy daddy-type with intelligence to spare. He grew up on the coast of Maine. Dirk says about growing up, "I was the round guy that you couldn't pull away from the piano at lunch hour, a complete nerd, not athletic in the slightest, silent most of the time." He later came to discover that under his larger frame was a muscular man just waiting to be freed. "I got involved in the BDSM scene in NYC many years ago, about the same time I started taking my physical health more seriously, lost a bit of weight and discovered that under that fat was muscle."

Early Years In Porn

He says about his start in porn, "Through the S&M world I made a number of good friends worldwide, one of whom turned out to be Paul Wilde, at that time director of the ROUGH line at Titan. He said that it was rare to find someone who knew their way around a length of rope and a flogger who also looked the part, and if I were interested, he'd he happy to have me at Titan. It took about two years for me to finally feel confident in myself enough physically to say "Let's try it", and even then figured I'd make one or two films and that would be the end of it. Many years later now, and some sixty films for some dozen studios, and I'm still going strong, much to my deep astonishment." It cannot be denied that Dirk has had and continues a prolific career, a career that started later than your average porn star. He spent most of his twenties as an intellectual and an artist, the sexual part of his life didn't bloom until later.

His Life and Recent Past

Dirk has always been and still continues to work on musical projects as well as many other artistic ventures. Not only can he blow you mind in front of the camera, but he also plays the ophicleide horn. Dirk is attracted to masculine and rugged guys who are good kissers. His fantasy fucks includes him being tied to a bench with a group of thick muscle tops taking turns pounding his eager hole. Dirk Caber loves the connection, intimacy, intensity and sensation of sex. The wildest place he has ever fucked was in the kitchen of a convent. When asked about being a top or bottom Dirk states, "Love both, crave both. Doggy-style always is a winner, and the top can really grind into the bottom; slings offer some great possibilities too. As a bottom, though, any position that affords the top the leverage to just wreck my prostate is something that's going to make me grunt, swear, & squeal. Whether my neighbors think that's so hot after a few hours is another question; I tend to be a LOUD fuckee." Besides a good sweaty sex session and music, Dirk enjoys architecture, fitness, learning languages, books and most all of the arts. He currently lives in Boston and is in a partnership with Jesse Jackman, whom met over Folsom weekend in San Francisco.

Notable Scenes and Sexy Partners

  • TitanMen's "Jury Duty" with Roman Wright and also with various partners
  • Icon Males's "Daddy's Big Boy" with Colton Grey
  • Lucas Entertainment's "Eye Contact" with Allesio Romero
  • Dads Fucking Lads' "Daddy's Boy" with Billy Rubens