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Topher DiMaggio

    Topher Dimaggio Porn Star Biography

    Topher Dimaggio Aka Romeo is best known for being a model turned porn personality with a perfectly muscular body. Though born in Hawaii, He was mostly raised in Houston, Texas. At the tender age of 17, Topher became an Abercrombie & Fitch model. If you think his abs look familiar, it might be because a photo of his gorgeous stomach was featured on the store's bag for three seasons. For a couple more years, He also modeled for such high-class brands as Andrew Christian, Maserati, and Nordstrom.

    Life Within The Industy

    Like many other models, Topher found himself being offered the chance to go nude and do a solo video. He accepted and his first scenes as an adult model appeared in 2007. On his name Mr. Dimaggio says, "Topher is actually my middle name...Christopher...and then DiMaggio is my Italian family name. A lot of people just go with a name they think is hot. You just pick it and go with it. Last names are kind of like drag queens, they tend to run together a lot of times. Like the "Wildes" are all together and have that name for a reason. But mostly you just pick something you think is hot." It took him a few years to become widely known, but eventually Topher became one of the most popular young performers in gay porn. He is an exclusive top that can surely deliver. In regards to his first time film, Topher states, "My first time, I was scared shitless, because you don't realize that there are like ten people in the room: camera man, camera assistant, lighting people, still photographer, the director...and then you have to act, flex your muscles, and be hard at the same time. Try doing all of that and then having to come afterwards. It's nerve-racking, especially because you can't tell if people are watching you because they're creepy or because they're working." In his free time, Topher likes to listen to music, work out, read, watch movies, and play World of Warcraft. Topher is currently dating fellow star Cameron Marshall.

    Notable Scenes and Sexy Partners

    • Buckshot Productions' "Fresh Off The Vine" with Devon Hunter
    • Cocksure Men's "Ripped and Cut" with Cavin Knight
    • Hot House Video's "All Stars" with Marc Dylan