Ray Dalton Headshot
  • Alias: Taylor Trash
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Hair: Brown

Ray Dalton Biography

Born and raised on a farm in Ohio, Ray Dalton has come quite a long way from the simple life he lived during his early years. Before breaking through the wild world of gay porn in 2009, Ray's professional was already quite diverse, working in everything from restaurants, photography, and the catering industry.

His transition to bareback stardom was sparked by the economy's decline in 2008. Reconsidering his career options, Ray set his sights on making money doing something he loved-sex. Now in his 40s, Ray felt it was the perfect time to pursue his long-thriving interest in porn and wanted to kick it off with his favorite studio, Treasure Island.

A year later, he made his debut in Bone Deep, which was followed by an extensive series of appearances in productions with Treasure Island, Dick Wadd, Skyn Media and more.

In 2015, Ray made another one of his passions reality after he launched his own underwear line, BigD. On the list of his future endeavors, the free-spirited performer includes, producing porn, life coaching, and fine art photography.

Fun Facts

  • *He grew up in a Mennonite family and remains very spiritual to this day. As a symbol of his spirituality, The Prayer of Saint Frances is tattooed on his back.
  • *In addition to living in both Akron and Cleveland, Ohio, Ray has also found a home in the Golden State. He moved San Diego in the 80s and later, Los Angeles, where he resides to this day.
  • *His hobbies including hitting the gym (it shows, doesn't it?), volunteering, mentoring, and late night dinners with friends.