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    Cutler X Biography

    Cutler X is known for being a dominate-top performer with an incredibly large penis. A veteran of the porn industry, X has worked with Hothouse, Timtales, Cazzo, Rock Candy, Machofucker, Rawstrokes, Treasure Island Media, and Breed Me Raw.

    Early Life

    Cutler was raised by a single mom. He is the youngest of six children, whom he is very close with. He came out at the age on twenty nine and he didn't have a very hard time dealing with it amongst friends or family. Cutlers first appearance on film was with a lover and had nothing to do with the industry at all. It so happened that that lover was working with Hot House who later brought him in on recommendation. Cutler states,"There was nothing special about it for me. I really was not nervous. I just knew I was going in to fuck someone. I knew someone was going to record. It was a long day of filming; but when I walked away I wanted to and looked forward to doing it again". The desire to be seen and watched having intercourse was what kept him there. He prefers passion in his work and a real desire to be there amongst partners. X likes the sex to be and feel "real. He is very comfortable in his sexuality and is above average in his sex-style, sex-drive, and overall desires.

    Cutler is currently working on a career outside or porn, as well as his own brand of personal lubricant called "X Lube". Always thankful for fans, Cutler once stated,"For everyone that have asked me when I was going to do another movie. It touched me deeply. It says to me that you have not gotten bored with me and want to see more. Thank you for your support".

    Notables Scenes and Sexy Partners

    • Breed Me Media's Big Cock's & Deep Holes with Adam Russo
    • Machofucker Studio's Impaled 3 with The Artist
    • RawJoxxx's Tender Moments with Adam Russo
    • Machofucker Studio's Cum Dumpster 3 with Pig Boy