J.D. Daniels Headshot
  • Birthplace: Atlanta
  • Born: September, 1980 (Virgo)
  • Eye Color: Black
  • Hair: Brown

J.D. Daniels may have been born in Atlanta, Georgia, but he spent his youth bouncing between Stone Mountain, Georgia and Los Angeles, California. As a young man, J.D. had aspirations to become a Psychologist. After graduating from high school in Atlanta, he went to university in West Los Angeles and graduated in 2003 with a Masters Degree in Psychology with honors. He began working in the adult industry to pay for his education, but when his career as a XXX movie star and male escort began to sky rocket, he quickly changed his career path.

J.D. began performing in movies in 2003 and continues to work steadily today. Along with performing in movies and working as an escort, he also does some nude modeling. His business is based in Los Angeles, but he travels throughout the United States and even internationally, using his good looks and sexual prowess to amass a fortune. Like many adult stars, J.D. has a variety of sexual interests and is willing to do gay, bi-sexual, or straight performances. He is almost completely uninhibited, admitting that he is not into pain or humiliation. But with so few exceptions, it's fair to assume that J.D. could fulfill just about any sexual fantasy you may have! Fans are encouraged to visit his personal website and contact him for a private escort experience.