Kyle Foxxx Headshot
  • Alias: Jack Mason, Kyle Halliwell, Kyle Foxx, Jace Mason
  • Birthplace: Jacksonville
  • Born: March, 1986 (Pisces)
  • Hair: Brown

Well to start with I am from a small country town in the middle of nowhere called Jacksonville. Actually it's located on the coast of North Carolina but it is a very conservative and rural area with little opportunity for success in life. Only those like myself who can break away from the chains the south holds on you, make something of themself. I grew up in a very loving family who stood by my side no matter what life threw at me and because of that I have become the strong willed and determined individual I am today. I pride myself on my determination to succeed in whatever I do in life including all the little things such as exercise and daily routines.I have a very upbeat and chipper attitude that seems to attract a lot of people, I try to keep things positive and motivate others to do the same as it gets things done with a lot smoother.