Gino Colbert Headshot
  • Alias: Sam Shad, Sam Schad
  • Birthplace: Toledo
  • Hair: Brown

Gino Colbert's Biography

Gino Colbert always knew he was destined for greatness. Growing up in the Midwest town of Toledo, Ohio, Gino dreamed of moving to the West coast and making it big in movies. His dream came true in 1980 when he debuted in his first film in the adult industry. Good looking and well liked, Gino had his pick of studios to work with. Over the course of his acting career he's worked with big studios such as Stallion Video, Hollywood Sales, Hawk Productions, and Rawhide Entertainment. And while Gino loved to perform, he was also very much interested in the business aspect of the industry.

In 1988, just 8 short years after his adult acting career began, Gino took on the role of director. He used everything he'd learned as an actor and transitioned into a phenomenal director, creating best selling films like "Jet Set Direct: Take One" for Jet Set, and "Temptation" for Metro Studios. He is also well known for having directed "Men In Blue," Blue Blake's final film appearance. But once again, Gino wanted more. So after years of directing films for other studios, Gino created Gino's Pictures, producing movies such as Hungry 4 Sex 2, The Matinee Idol, and Van Goo: Portrait of an Artist.

Gino no longer performs in films today, but his production company is thriving and he maintains close working relationships in the adult industry. Once a popular actor and now a clever business man, Gino Colbert worked his way through the industry and came out on top - no pun intended.