Carlito Headshot
  • Alias: Carlito Caribbean Cool

Carlito's Biography

Carlito Rockafella was born in St. Louis, Missouri and thinks of himself as a small town boy. Carlito debuted in the adult industry when he was just 18 years old, admitting that at first it was a survival tactic to make some money, but he has grown to love the industry and is proud of his career. In addition to performing in films, Carlito also escorts, strips, and models for erotic photo shoots.

Carlito has been answering questions about his ethnicity his entire life, but the scrutiny became particularly intense when he chose the name Carlito and began a career in the adult industry. Because of his name, many people assume he is Latino, but when asked about it in an interview he chuckled and said, "I knew this was coming... my ethnicity is that I am black. My father is black and my mother is black and white mixed. I am a country bumpkin all the way around."

Carlito may call himself a country bumpkin, but he has managed to work hard and create a thriving career that has garnered him many fans. He's worked with such big studios as Real Urban Men, RawRods, Chocolate Cream, and Pitbull Productions. He's a versatile performer, willing to work as both a top and a bottom, and has been known to perform in raw scenes as well. You can see this rising star's work in movies like "Best Of Bareback 2012" from Raw Swagga, "Booty On Demand" from Chocolate Cream, and "Twisted Thugs 4" from Heatwave.