Hank Hightower Headshot
  • Born: October, 1966 (Libra)

Hank Hightower Gay Porn Star Biography

A solid slab of muscle and fur, Hank Hightower has a commanding presence on film; not only does he exude manliness and unbridled passion; he brings fantasies to life. For fans of those studs who make us drool over their god-like manliness, Hank is right up there on the list.

Hank made himself distinguished from the rest of the pack while exploding (literally) onto the scene around 1993 sporting the then unfashionable mustaches and natural body hair that were missing on the smooth, bronzed muscled men of the era. Staying on the fringe pushed his career further since there has, and always will be, a guaranteed place for the leather bears of the world.

Hank Hightower embodies all the physical attributes of manliness that have his fans crawling towards him on all fours or raging hard ready to use his hairy ass to its full potential. We can only imagine what it must be like to experience the scent of, and feel of, sweat and hair tangled under his beefy arms and tight against his barrel chest.

Not only has he appeared on film but he has also been a model for Advocate men, Freshmen, Honcho and Skin as well as winning a place in Bruno Gmunder's epic book Gay Porn Heroes.