Eduardo Fuentes Headshot

Eduardo Fuentes

  • Alias: Eduardo, Armando, Greg Davis
  • Born: February, 1968 (Aquarius)
  • Height: 5 ft. 8 in.
  • Weight: 170 lbs.
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Hair: Brown

Greg Davis' Porn Star Biography

Whether you know him as Greg Davis or Eduardo, perhaps even Armando or Luke this muscular god is known around the globe and has been feeding our fantasies since his debut in 1995.

February 21st 1972, under the sign of Pisces, Greg Davis was born. The stars must have been perfectly aligned because this Cuban native would eventually mature into the sex symbol we all recognize. Standing at about 5' 10" with bulging muscles, a furry chest and a thick uncut cock, Greg has made us swoon and cream from the very beginning of his career. In the 90's it seemed like the star and his highly contrasting tan line starred in EVERYTHING! We've watched his look evolve too. From his days as a bottle blonde to the shaved headed, leather harnessed daddy we know now; Davis has evolved and changed with the times and still retains his status as a major to be reckoned with.

Although he has worked with many studios, Greg Davis has topped and bottomed his way through over more than 150 films! Performing for such a wide variety of filmmakers and directors really gives us a chance to see him in so many different situations, all of which are stunning!

Beyond his work in film Greg has graced the glossy pages of pictorials from MEN to UNZIPPED, MANDATE, TORSO, ALL MAN and MANSHOTS.