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    Gene Lamar Biography

    Most fans of classic gay porn are familiar with Gene Lamar - his toned body, sensual and giving love making, and his moans of pleasure while performing are legendary. But when it comes to his personal life, Lamar has kept it to himself. So much so that we couldn't even find his birthday. And it seems we're not the only ones looking for info on this beloved classic star; several fans of Lamar have posted inquires online trying to get any shred of information regarding this seductive bottom.

    What we do know is that Gene had quite a fan following, which makes sense when you look at his body of work and his passionate performances. His career began in the late 80's and held strong through the 90's as he worked with big studios like Catalina Video, US Male, Stallion Video, and Rebel Video. While there were a few occasions when Gene would top in a scene, he was well known for being a bottom, giving and receiving pleasure with the utmost joy. If you're not yet familiar with this 80's gem of adult films, check out his performance in films like "Beautiful Black Men" from Hawk Productions, or "Black Men in Love" from Stallion Video. But beware! Once you get a taste of Gene Lamar, you'll be a fan for life!