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  • Alias: Dino Dimaco

Dino DiMarco Biography

Born in Rochester, New York with American Indian and Irish , Dino DiMarco has been using his good looks to his advantage for as long as he can remember. Of course, he wasn't always the toned and tanned stud you see today. When he was just 17 years old, DiMarco moved to Manhattan to pursue a career as a model for Elite. His original goal was to be a runway model, but he failed at this attempt because he didn't fit the profile - "They said I was too short and too fat," he recalls with a laugh, "So I quit." When his modeling career failed to fulfill him, Dino made a major life change and moved to Florida to join the Air and then worked as an auto mechanic for more than two years.

Still feeling unfulfilled, Dino decided to pursue his education in the Pacific Northwest and received a degree in Marine Biology from the University of Oregon. But he was enamored with Hollywood and seeing his face on camera, so he relocated to Los Angeles and starting working as an extra on shows like "Baywatch", "Dave's World", and "Star Trek". "I spent a whole season as a bailiff on "Picket Fences"," Dino commented in a 1996 interview. "Oh yeah, it was real exciting. I got to sit in a brown uniform in the back of a courtroom for months!" He also performed as an extra in films, appearing in "Three Wishes" with Patrick Swayze and "Crimson Tide". But Dino's stints in showbiz were short lived and he soon landed a job as a phlebotomist in an AIDS clinic.

So how did Dino make the leap from drawing to performing naked on camera? "Well, my roommate at the time was Coy Dekker, and he was a porn star," DiMarco says. "When he asked if I'd be interested in working in the industry, I wasn't' sure if I wanted to. So I called my mom." But even after getting his mother's seal of approval, he had doubts. He was told he'd never get a boyfriend if he did it, but he took the risk because the money was too good to pass up. His first film was Matt Sterling's "All American," and he doesn't recall being nervous. "I just remember it was a really long day," he says. Several films for Catalina followed and DiMarco's career took off, along with any doubts about his new profession.

Dino has been called the "Delta Burke of porn," but when asked about that he chuckles and says, "People think it's so glamorous, but my life isn't' that exciting. Doing movies and touring and dancing is like a fantasy. But it's really just a job like any other."