Colton Ford Headshot
  • Alias: Colton Ford

Biography Of Colton Ford Gay Porn Star

The man is a legend. What more can I say to anyone who watches gay porn? With his strikingly good looks that only seem to get better with age, Colton Ford exudes a seductive mixture of sex and power. He is most definitely one of the hottest Silver Foxes out there.

Glenn Soukesian (better known as Colton Ford) was born on October 12, 1962 in Pasadena, California. He would grow up to become a six foot, two hundred pound, muscle-bound god and by 2001 would start his career in the industry. You might say he started a little late, at 39 Colton arrived on the scene and we've been loving him ever since, he's one hot daddy through and through. This stud of a man looks gorgeous with or without his clothes on, come to think of it, he looks pretty good partially clothed too; especially in suit films! With his ripped body and perfectly hairy chest, Mr. Ford can make any guy swoon and be ready and willing to give it up in a heart-beat. And let's not forget that cock and that ass, certifiably delicious! Ford has quite a body of work and his performances are always amazing. The star has broken the mold not just for his sexual prowess but his talent in music that is also bringing him to the attention of a whole new audience.

Whether he's topping, bottoming or just solo, we cannot get enough of this star. So many try to emulate Colton Ford but no one can compare. That is why the man is a legend.