Matt Windsor Headshot

    1989 was the year, and we got our very first glimpse of the Brit who would become the object of desire for his many, many fans. Matt Windsor, Matthew Windsor, Matt Winsor, Sean Cannon there is no doubt you could miss him since his arrival on screen. Things were burnin up in the 90's and Matt Windsor was adding fuel to that fire. With his handsome face and toned body, Matt made a splash by the pool, a hit in the hay and shone as brightly as a stud in his leather. The roles and scenarios were limitless for this performer.

    With versatility and talent to boot Matt Windsor is a knock out performer. The studios he has worked with are as varied as his roles, the top three being Vivid, HIS and Bacchus. These studios would make Matt a star and throughout the next two decades we would see him again and again. From solos to plot based features, kinky leather to first timers Matt Windsor is a man to remember.

    Matt tops and bottoms in his films and has also starred with his boyfriend Grant King in several performances. Whether he's with a cowboy on the open range, a highway patrol man in his car or a leather daddy in a darkened dungeon, Matt's done em' all and does them well!