Alec Powers Headshot
  • Alias: Alec Shields, Alex Powers
  • Birthplace: El Paso
  • Born: July, 1975 (Cancer)
  • Height: 5 ft. 10 in.
  • Weight: 184 lbs.
  • Eye Color: Green
  • Hair: Blonde

Alec Powers' Porn Star Biography

Alec Powers may have been born in El Paso, Texas, but he spent most of his childhood in France. Born to parents with a rich ethnic background - his father is Scottish and Swedish and his mother is French Hungarian - Alec grew up with a strong sense of his heritage and learned to accept people for who they are at an early age. His easy going personality is what has allowed him to become one of the few well paid male stars in the adult industry, and has allowed for the now uncommon status of pornstar to be given to him.

On his personal website, Alec explains that the industry has changed in the past several years. He is saddened to explain that the industry has few actual porn stars these days, with companies preferring to "... find a few guys off the street pay him just a few hundred dollars, rather than creating well known personalities, who would then charge more money to appear in movies. So people tend to come and go more quickly than in the past, and there are fewer recognizable "big name" (and big bucks) stars." Fortunately for Alec, studios and directors alike seek him out to perform in their films, admiring his hard work, his professionalism, and his amazing body! Some of his favorite studios to work for are Catalina, Studio 2000, Falcon, and BG Enterprises as they are all respectful of their stars and produce a high quality product.

Alec has his first gay experience in his first adult film when he was 18 years old. He identifies as bisexual and addresses rumors that he is straight by saying that a lot of guys that enter the business think they're straight, but after some experimentation and a willingness to be open minded, a lot (like himself) discover that sexuality is more than being gay or straight. On this subject Alec said, "Even though there is a lot of pressure to be one way or the other in reality there are a lot of people that are comfortable with men or women." When he performs on camera Alec is mostly a top, but he is a versatile man and can easily be a bottom if necessary. He is adamant about always having safe sex and prefers to have oral sex on camera, but with proper precautions is open to penetration.

In this free time Alec enjoys a variety of high energy activities. He loves to travel, scuba dive, bungee jump, sky dive, and snowboard. He is also an avid car lover and admits to owning 35 vehicles since he turned 16. His current car is a Corvette that he absolutely adores. Alec lives in Las Vegas but travels often to LA to visit friends and family. He maintains his spectacular physique by working out often; he has a routine of three days on and one off, spending two hours in the gym on a split routine of chest/triceps, back/biceps, and then shoulders/legs. He drinks a lot of protein shakes and maintains a low fat diet. He is happy to work hard on his body not only for himself, but for his many fans that eagerly await each of his stellar performances.