Jason Nikas Headshot

    Appearing in almost two hundred titles, Jason Nikas is a truly versatile performer (and we're not just talking about topping and bottoming here). From the mid 1990's Jason, who also appears under aliases Johnny Guitar, Patryk Strait and even Ann Drojenny... We'll get to that last one a little later... has wowed his fans with his physical talents as well as his ability to act!

    Working with a multitude of studios has allowed Jason to expand his repertoire, he's been a bottom, he's been a top and he's swung both ways if you know what I mean... And it's this type of versatility we just love to see. Nikas has never left his fans bored and his body of work is anything but stagnant.

    The smooth, blonde with a nice build utilizes his boyish good looks to his advantage and by some could be considered a twink. It's this androgynous look that I would like to touch on for a moment, and it may surprise you!

    It's rare to see any performer fall into a role that might, in some ways, be considered a turn off for some of their fans, Jason Nikas took this challenge in stride. From 1994 through 1998 Nikas, with a flair of his own, put on the face, slipped on some heels and became Ann Drojenny! For He/She Studios, Ann Drojenny would star in around six incredible films, Cocks In Frocks being a great example of how well Jason could transform himself into a feminine illusion.

    Jason Nikas is a star worth watching, and will no doubt continue to shine with just a little something extra up there among his peers.